Sunday, July 26, 2015

To The One I Love

Love has always been a mystery to many. Love has many a times also been a misery. To me, this world has been so tiny,
Faulty people and lives of treachery.

The eye opens not by choice,
The eye opens neither by force.
There comes a hearing, there comes a voice,
And then the it rises and no more its close.

The hearing is you, the relief of pain.
No more its treachery, no more tiny.
A world so happy, and so much to gain.
Wider it is, wondrous and shiny.

For you my love, thy opened my eyes.
For you my love, thy been so kind and nice.
I open my heart, so no more I hate.
With your hands, do write write my fate.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Pain , Separation And Pain Again

Youbdig throught the tunnels, you find the pot of gold and taking it back to the world is something everyone dreams of. People think that the path towards finding the pot of gold is the hardest of all and often ignore the way back. Well, the journey doesn't just mean till you find the gold. It indeed is hard, but the harder part is yet to come.

The world is cruel, or we may call it the test of what is about to come next. It gets tough, then a bit more tougher, but the I my thing that would get you moving forward is the end. And the end is when you utilize the fold for something meaningful. My friends, I found it. I'm on the verge of coming out, but the gold isn't in my hands.