Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Golden Flakes

Ha! Nothing ever before made me feel alive like I am right now. It's five in the morning and through the faint cracks in the window panel, I could hear the birds chirping. It would have been annoying after listening to them for quiet a while now, but strangely it doesn't. Not to lose myself in the world of cliches, but when the birds stop chirping for a second or two, I hear you breathing. Long and streatched breaths. I could even feel the heart pounding; not mine.

It calms me, soothes me and gives me a sound notion denoting that the reason I live for now are just those beats.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Salt, Honey and Cake

All my life I've been searching for you,
Clouding happiness, I've been meddling through.
Harder I dug, bitter it got.
Unravelling I thought, but just miserable it got.

Into the darkness, into much pain.
Scavenger I became, searching again and again.

Miles were unearthed; yet no sight.
Yelling and screaming, I let go my fight.

Left alone to rot; when a ray of hope,
Inviting me to live, which ended my mope.
Flying I am, with all I could take.
Everything you are; my salt, honey and cake.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Yours forever, I will be.
On the raft to happiness, together we sail.
Under all that shadows us, we shall pass.
Another world, we just have to cross.
Rise and shine, my color of blood.
Eve of faith isn't that far away.
Muscles and sweat have taken me this far.
Yours forever, you are my star.

Drowning i am, every bit into you.
Raining it is, dry lands are now few.
Universe has made us said this far.
Glorious we sail, my ecstasy you are.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

You are the dream

Above the clouds.
Closer to Sun.
Hearts all around.
Uviversally bound.
Into oblivion.
Lasting forever.
Over the sky.
Vastly I shy.
Ever should it last.
Yours will I be.
Odd it may seem.
U r the one, u r the dream.


Funny thing that i'm going to speak of something i never actually understood; neither do i undersand now. Ages and ages, there are just a very few things that make a human heart feel the literal pain in his heart. The tiniest ray of Hope, the never diminishing Faith and the unditional Love. People have suffered quiet a lot in the pursuit of something their heart wants. I've come up with just three of the most torturous things a heart can experience. 


I've been having this for as far as i could remember, so do every other human. A hope for a chocolate when i was a kid. A hope for a good grade, when grades actually mattered. A hope for an escape, when i really needed one. A hope for what is forbidden, which did happen. Hopes never end and they keep pushing you forward until it reaches the brick. From where you eventually fall or luckily fly.


This is pretty strong. At times hope isn't just enough for a man to get going, he requires something more to than just hope to go forward. That is when faith comes in. A strong belief and a never doubting instinct can actually do wonders. The thing is, when it fails the entire world around us falls apart. There may be things stronger than faith for a person to hold on to. But a person with faith when loses his path, perishes. He literally perishes. 

Of all the good things God has brought into this world, Love would definitely top the chart. It changes every damn thing. Every single damn thing a person has ever believed, ever thought, ever resisted, ever fantasized, ever breathed and ever felt. That's how i would put Love as. I've failed miserably a thousand times to understand what it really is. As much as i could say, i still am failing. 

It's hard to put things in prespective when either of these reaches your head. And when you have all three within, the world is just so unfair.    

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The One

Where the clouds blot the light,
Harder the breaths we take,
Arises the one true purpose,
To which we all bow down.

Ask the Gods for the reason,
'Master, Is pertaining a sin,
I bow to make something live'
Down with a thud he fell to his knees.
On with his plea, he keeps his mourns.
Insisting on something to watch over him,
'Now' he pleads, right now.
'Gather the humble, winter is on us.'

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Empty Blue Chair

Another day, But a hollow feel;
Certain depths of me feel uncertain.
Harder it was to stamp and seal.
Unfulfilled it was, and full of pain.
'Where' wasn't the question to pose.
And neither was the day she would return.
She drowned in my nerves but never she rose.
Mystic it was to see the parched lands burn.
In the depth of my heart I searched for her,
Scanning every grain of sand.
Sadder I felt on not finding her,
Insecure I felt; on the this dry, burnt land.
None would fill the void of this lone soul's glare.
Gone she was, but just the empty blue chair.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Last One

This was said a thousand times before.
But those were just from my mouth.
This time it is rather special.
Finally, it is from my heart.

The final one wasn't something new.
It felt like all the other times.
Not a damn thing new.
But just the source.

I knew it killed me.
I knew it made my future look bleak.
I knew it would destroy me.
But never I left.

This is my last, this is my last.
A final touch of what I thought was pleasing.
For there is now something more endearing.
A beam of light that keeps me going.

Never again will I turn my back.
Never again will I feel sorry.
It was you who made me strong.
And now I'm here, leaving you behind.

For now there is someone much more alive.
The someone who keeps me hoping for life.
For you I'll do anything.
For you is everything I have in life.