Saturday, April 11, 2015

Burying The Mask

There is always this person you care for besides you, strictly not blood. They just bring out the best in you and never seize to surprise you at times. You just somehow feel free to remove the mask with them and talk about your fears and mistakes. You find it convincing that despite the dirt you walk with, they will accept you for who you really are.

I've had many an occurances relating to that person. But I make sure that I stay clear of whatever comes through next and keep my emotions out of it. I feel vulnerable and tend to leave those characters behind me. Not this time though. The person I'm in bed with emotionally isn't like the rest. I always used to be the one with holding aces in the previous encounters but I really feel diminished this time.

I don't feel a cuff or a leish being here but yet I'm dragged to a new place. Something within me is changing. I just want the mask on so badly before I drop down naked. They say faith is two way road and I've always driven it the right way. I never let anyone in without knowing them first. Though this new mystery breaks down in front of me with everything it has, I don't feel like the distances covered have done justice.

This is something new and dangerous. It's exciting and heartwarming. The end may be treacherous, but I do want to go through it.

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