Tuesday, January 6, 2015

PK - Dash's Review

Hoping that most here would have watched the movie and laughed your lungs out while doing so, I write here something that most would find a bit peculiar. This review is divided into two; 1) A perspective the audience liked it for. 2) My Perspective.


1) The Audience Perspective:

In a country with a majority of Hindu's, the film would have offended them a bit, but without doubt the film would have made them rethink their believes in it. A story that discriminates false God Men (Managers) and their atrocities over the common people is what made this movie a controversial one. And explaining it to the viewers humorously is the reason why crowds have been rushing into the theaters for more than once.

The technical aspects: Hirani without doubt has provided yet another pleasing yet compelling story with a direction that could have been better. Aamir Khan with his 'alienatic' performance is spellbound. So is the charisma maintained by Anushka.

Wit and humor playing the most important roles, the film is scripted to satisfy every need an Indian audience craves for. Depicting the mentality of individuals with suitable characters just makes the story an even more compelling one.

Beginning the story with a theft, running along with hope, music that soothes us all along, intergalactic love sequence and ending it with a message - What more could a film need? A perfect entertainer.

STARS: 4/5

2) My Perspective:

A story that reminds me more of Chetan Bhagat. Loop holes all over the script, adjusting it with humor at right places and creating something that people would love in spite of the flaws in it.

When a movie is made, its not just something just a particular minded people watch. And me being a movie enthusiast, the story is the primary aspect I would aim for and base my views on. Later comes the direction performance and music. So I would call this movie a bit sloppy.

Like said before, the movie did grasp me too at every point despite the fact that a predictable end is to follow. Targeting not just a single faith and making people understand the misconceptions behind every faith was a good go. The movie not just entertained but also enlightened minds. So, that's another plus. The usage of the term 'Wrong Number' is another major plus.

The direction could have been better and a script with less clichés could have been produced with a bit more effort. The performance of every lead performer was of great excellence. (I in fact noticed a slight whimper behind me when Aamir broke out emotionally). That accounts for good acting.

Both the Cheery and Gloomy faces of Anushka was portrayed beautifully. Despite the lack of a perfect story, the over all portrayal of the major issue deserves an applause. 


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