Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A friend for life

"The best quality a story teller has is the captivating power he owns over people." - Asif Dash

I have a sister, not by blood but by bond. To be honest, she is the single most irritating creature I've ever come across my entire life. So the story goes like this. She has a friend who used to be so close to her. And all of a sudden he blocks her on what's app and all such social formats.(That's what she said)

A good brother's task here is to  console her and say stuff like "He will message you eventually" or "Must have been a mistake on his side". I'm no ordinary brother, so instead I created a story where I play the protagonist.

I'm not going into details here. Maybe in the next story. The brief version goes something like this. I and another guy were so close during our higher secondary. There was a girl for who my friend fell for. The day he proposed she tells him that she's in a relationship with another guy. So instead of moving on as I advice him, he fought with the guy she was committed to.

Let it be in real life or in the stories, I intend to picture myself a good guy. So back to the story. My friend and the committed guy were fighting and I had to choose sides. A dear friend or an honest path. I chose the honest path.

Then a spat between us two occurred and we neglected each other for a month. And finally, I being a kindhearted guy spoke to him and sorted things out. We were so close after then that calling we stuck put our necks when either of us were in trouble.

And now after 5 years, I have no clue on where he is or how he is. That's friendship.

This made up story actually did console her. I know its rude but I loved the fact that I created a story out of thin air in no time.

None of my words here are to be taken seriously. I do value friendship and I do have friends who go way long back. This has been shared here because if any one ever comes across my position do follow my method. It works like a charm. In fact, the listener forgets their own story and concentrates more on this.

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