Monday, June 1, 2015

The Last One

This was said a thousand times before.
But those were just from my mouth.
This time it is rather special.
Finally, it is from my heart.

The final one wasn't something new.
It felt like all the other times.
Not a damn thing new.
But just the source.

I knew it killed me.
I knew it made my future look bleak.
I knew it would destroy me.
But never I left.

This is my last, this is my last.
A final touch of what I thought was pleasing.
For there is now something more endearing.
A beam of light that keeps me going.

Never again will I turn my back.
Never again will I feel sorry.
It was you who made me strong.
And now I'm here, leaving you behind.

For now there is someone much more alive.
The someone who keeps me hoping for life.
For you I'll do anything.
For you is everything I have in life.

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