Thursday, June 11, 2015


Funny thing that i'm going to speak of something i never actually understood; neither do i undersand now. Ages and ages, there are just a very few things that make a human heart feel the literal pain in his heart. The tiniest ray of Hope, the never diminishing Faith and the unditional Love. People have suffered quiet a lot in the pursuit of something their heart wants. I've come up with just three of the most torturous things a heart can experience. 


I've been having this for as far as i could remember, so do every other human. A hope for a chocolate when i was a kid. A hope for a good grade, when grades actually mattered. A hope for an escape, when i really needed one. A hope for what is forbidden, which did happen. Hopes never end and they keep pushing you forward until it reaches the brick. From where you eventually fall or luckily fly.


This is pretty strong. At times hope isn't just enough for a man to get going, he requires something more to than just hope to go forward. That is when faith comes in. A strong belief and a never doubting instinct can actually do wonders. The thing is, when it fails the entire world around us falls apart. There may be things stronger than faith for a person to hold on to. But a person with faith when loses his path, perishes. He literally perishes. 

Of all the good things God has brought into this world, Love would definitely top the chart. It changes every damn thing. Every single damn thing a person has ever believed, ever thought, ever resisted, ever fantasized, ever breathed and ever felt. That's how i would put Love as. I've failed miserably a thousand times to understand what it really is. As much as i could say, i still am failing. 

It's hard to put things in prespective when either of these reaches your head. And when you have all three within, the world is just so unfair.    

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