Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Foot Away

A heavy heart, moist eyes
Not a blink, neither a word
Something aches, something cries.
A wound that ceases to be cured.

There you lay, not a foot ahead.
Here I beg for it not to leave.
It's soothing, for I don't know the thread;
that buries the pain that I receive.

Yet tears flow, and I don't know why.
I smile and in return she does.
She whimpers, not a cry.
I heave, I smile and then I cuss.

I cuss, for the feet in between.
I cuss for the meaningless tears.
I cuss for being helpless and not seen.
Not seen, by what the world fears.

I could feel her tears over my cheek,
The pulse, the thoughts within.
It aches more, and a hope so bleak
keeps craving for more, a sin.

A sin, to what the world believes.
A sin, to what the Preachers teach.
To hell with all, to hell with beliefs.
She is stuck, to me like a leech.

And I to her, with nothing less.
I keep dreaming, yet a foot away she lies.
I smile again despite the mess.
And again she whimpers, not loud cries.

A foot away and I smile as she sees.
She smiles in return, yet tears flow.
A thousand words spoken, skies to trees.
So silent they were, of nothing the world will know.

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