Wednesday, February 3, 2016

God Hates Us All

How could a man possibly answer for being a complete ridiculous d***? Like the other day, I asked my wife what will happen if a Husky and Pomeranian had an intercourse. The funny thing Is that there actually was an answer for it. The question I asked was a complete d***ish question, but the beauty is even these d***ish questions have answers.

The title to this post was actually inspired from the infamous TV series Californication. The more I thought about this title, the more I realize how true that is. God doesn't give a shit about second chances. He just wants to see the fallen guy burn to death. Must be an adrenalin thing for him/her/it.

I Asif Dash, am a very bad bad person. When I say God Hates Us all, I mean it. Not because he let me live to see my fate and how it led to my death, but how he on that process ruined lives of many good people. Damn man, if you knew that I really was going to do these things why not take me long before everything.

Shit. It's like I always say, devil isn't something that looks scary with weird faces, whereas it is something that is within us. It haunts you not from outside but from inside. That's what everything is about. God just hated everyone so much that he wants scumbags like me ruin lives of everyone.

If there really is going to be a judgement day, God is going to be the most questionable of all. He will be questioned for bringing me in, for not taking me long before I ruined lives.

Beside me - teary - hope lost - unanswered questions. That's what people get when they are with me. Just one thing. Either I end it, or live longer to see her die bit by bit. You say the word.

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