Thursday, February 23, 2017

Living Is Hard

Were there times when you just wanted to climb up your bed, engulf yourself within the blanket, making sure there wasn't a single opening that would bring in the air from outside and get lost in thoughts of what's happening around. Pretty much every human would have experienced this feeling. But those happened when you were young. A sense of instability in our lives at that age occur when we aren't given the option to choose our own toppings for our Ice Cream too. Times now are a bit more different.

The people we live around are all in a state of resentment. With what? That's classified. Thinking of solutions in their tiny little brain, moping over spilt oil but most often the resentment is because they couldn't go back to those old days when hiding beneath sheets solved great crisis. I wonder of people will feel better if they did that. Let's just say that the medical team aren't any helpful when it comes to this. People thank 'shrinks' for helping them out and later on rely on an ice cream for losing money to them. They really are very expensive.

Solution lies within religion, meditation and peace said another person. Well, who am I kidding, 8 hour work shift, excluding the intervals, lunchtime and short breathers alone constitute a whopping 12 to 13 hour. Let' just say that God is putting me up to a test and I'm miserably failing in that. I do believe that there is peace in that though.

At the end of the day, that precious sleep is what I crave for. Me alone in my bedsheet. The Air out is cold and within the lengths of my bedsheet  everything is warm. A sense of home is only established when I go in. I once had that, not long back but I had that peace of mind.

And now there are two within the same bedsheet and now do I realize why men around put up a brave face despite anger, hatred, guilt and many such negative expressions buried deep within. It is for them.  


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