Thursday, March 24, 2016

Me, Noah. Her, Allie.

Have you ever had a moment when your brain just goes blank. Nothing stay in your head, no worries, no pain, no requests, no conditions, nothing at all. All you can see is what's in front of you. Achieving that peace of mind is almost impossible. Well, neither did I achieve that. But it is safe to say that I experienced something much more better than that.

A couch, my wife resting her head on my shoulder, watching the notebook on TV with nothing to disturb us. To all the men married, this is something you should never miss. The amazing effect on what the movie has on you. The breath you two take when the movie silences and her tears pricking your shoulder when she weeps at sad moments, everything is just amazing. I actually felt something that made my heart so warm.

A particular scene when Noah takes Allie through those swans and ducks on his little raft, the scenery and the emotions displayed are sheer perfect. Every little dimension through which the movie was shown was spectacular.

The best thing of it all is the fact that the one you love is beside you holding your hand tight through which he gets the assurance that she is the one.

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