Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hiding Beneath My Own Shadow

It's 2 in the afternoon and I am starved. I walk outside my room to find a decent enough hotel two blocks away from where I live. A boiled egg and khushka, that would suffice me. On my way return, I noticed two kids riding bicycles beside me and all I could think of was, 'Wish I was them'.

With no regrets or any kind of issues running through their mind, the delight in their eyes alone proved that the biggest mistake I ever committed was growing up. Not even a month left and I will be 22.... or 23(I'm bad with numbers). Oh God! I'm growing up too fast.

Well, let anything happen, I just feel good about two things. A job I love and a family who loves me more. A lot is yet to be achieved and a lot more to fight in the path of it. I just wish that I come outside tearing the barrier I have been into, walking away from my own shadow of regrets and mistakes.

It's not far though, I could see a hint of rays shining, waiting for me to accept it.

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