Wednesday, October 29, 2014

That's My Spot

Every now and then, a spot is to be fixed to maintain composure in your life. Well, mine is fixed, the left end will always be my spot. Just not at the office though (The air conditioning doesn't supply the chill air there.) So, on a pursuit to find what I need, I have stepped into the real world and to be honest, so far it's rocking.

Wish others would say the same but calling my friends during lunch just reminded me that not everyone enjoy the way I do. Night shifts and day naps are all they get from this cranky world. Something tells me that it's not the world that's cranky but their boss.(My boss is great. He actually wants us to leave early and experience the outer world.)

So coming back to my spot again. The reason why I wanted to write this is to remind my fellow mates that there is always a job that deserves you and not the way around.

Understanding your potential isn't that hard a task. It simply just requires a minute of talk with your heart. Speak to it, open up your mind and walk towards it. As time goes, standing idle would just be impossible, you would want to run instead. That's how much you'll love it.

"The needs of the many out weighs the needs of the few" - Spock.

(This proverb has nothing to do with what I wrote, just wanted to end with it.)

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