Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Humble Start

The best part of a project is the taste of victory at its completion. Though not everyone taste it, the thoughts of appraisal when finishing the project brings out the hidden blushes. At some point in everyone's life, this is experienced.

One Such Experience:

A year ago, a craze for films hit me. Tarantino, Scorcece, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Cameroon and Woody Allen were my superheroes. I started watching every films they made, which encouraged me to start a script project of my own. It did take time and before I knew the complete script, around 15,000 words sat on my word document. I started picturing various actors performing the scenes and a thought of great appraisal from critics hit my head. I sent the completed script to various agencies and received a dull response.

That was huge blow. But one thing I gained from it is #Experience. This is a fruit not every one wish to eat after a failure, but I took a bite from it and continued.

Today I'm at a stage which gives me a taste of what happiness feels like. I write for a living and this makes me content than I've ever been. A lesson I learned from the previous failure is that, jumping from ground and touching the torch of the liberty statue is for superman alone, not for the common people. Aiming high is not a problem, but reaching there is to done through either the stairs or a working elevator. I prefer the stairs.

"The longer we work for something the happier we are when we attain it."  - Asif Dash

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