Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Birthday Blog

There are times you wish wouldn't come to an end, but they always do. Time isn't a friend to any and certainly hasn't been to me either. But one thing remains when such cherished moments pass and we accept them as memories. Well, today is definitely one of those.

Rarely I cross a line, drawn by myself, accepting people into the circle that stand dear to me. This day the rarity became a myth. Many I've been close with have become dearer and the thought of losing a single one haunts me.

Personal stuff apart, the party at office was a blast. A coke shaped cake, bottles of snowy sprays, a thums up tin and the kicking, everything was just top notch. Not to forget the bread and cheese I had this morning. Thanks for the wonderful shirt and the balloons and the ring. Couldn't thank you guys enough.

Nothing completes this without thanking the family. To all my brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, most of all my Mom, you were the ones who stayed with me during my best and worst, and not thanking you guys for wishing me would be a sin. So, thanks again.

I still wish to write a lot, but the querty keypad of my phone restricts me from doing so. Here goes my final gratitude, "Birthdays are events that are celebrated for a reason, but events today made me realize that this birthday was the reason I was born for".


  1. You are inspiring and provoking me to start writing....

  2. Its a healthy way to express yourself. Just go ahead.