Sunday, November 23, 2014

Old Friends + Movie In A Theater =Devilish Consequences

At a particular stage in everyone's life they realize that they are an adult and to be honest it's quiet horrifying. Responsibilities start crowding your head, money matters a lot more than you valued in the past and work definitely becomes worship. But a single day spent with the old friends you value the most, changes all. Yesterday was one such day to me.

A friend who I call when I'm angry beyond control, a friend I remember when I want have have some good news worth sharing and a friend who I count as family, visited me. I hate to say this out loud but that devil is Toufeeque. I was excited when he called me to say that he was coming to Chennai. And thus the planning begun.

One thing that we cherish the most is movies. First step: log on to bookmyshow. Step 2: Book tickets for The Equalizer. Step 3: Stay excited.

And so Sunday came, the devil came and the rest is history. Like barney says "yesterday was legen-, wait for it, -dary. LEGENDARY". Pizza, chicken wings, burgers, chicken wings again and most importantly The Coke. Everything that could spoil a man in just one night. Wish it never ended.

Sharing stories, recalling memories and eating ground nuts was a midnight chore and before we knew it was time for him to leave the happy world and return to the scheduled world.

Now here I am still believing that this will happen again soon.

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  1. Dashh..
    Honestly.. when I read this, I felt like reading a post in Watson's Blog from Sherlock!