Monday, November 3, 2014

A Loyal Apology To The Ones I Care

Families fight and get back together before anyone would realize, but a stain remains within the guilty for creating the mess. Well, I have my fair share of those moments and I make sure that I give my best to make up for those times.

Today one such event occurred when people close to me got caught up in a cold war. The best solution to this in my opinion is to sort it out before it bursts up in open and shake hands on a deal that works for both. But to be honest, this has moved too far from both the sides and would take a lot more than a few handshakes. But it still is sortable.

If it were my blood, I would have raised with authority and concluded it even before it would be considered a spat. But the situation here is something I don't wand to head into. I would rather be a spectator instead of a participant. Thought this makes me feel bad, a part of my heart, the one I abide to, keeps telling me to leave the mess alone.

Maybe that's the difference between   the family I care for and the family I love. For I do care for the ones caught up in this awkward battle. The reason here is to know if I did the right thing? If this isn't what you expected of me, I humbly apologize as there is nothing more I could do in order to bring peace between the two.

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