Saturday, December 20, 2014

In pursuit of the flying goats

So get this. As much as you hate reading stuff (educational ones), hate of something more stronger is observed within when other people read, that too on a train. I'm currently experiencing that. Guess what I did??? The usual thing I do when I see books (educational ones), I slept.

The interesting part is the one that came in my dream. Something made me remember Heidi (an old cartoon I used to see as a kid) before dozing off. In my dream I saw some flying goats. Must be the Heidi effect. And then they just flew far, pretty far. Looks like I was just standing there idle; must have been something normal to the 'dream me'.

The goats flew far away and then I noticed two of my colleagues chasing it. They were normal though, just running behind them when the goats were flying. Then some chattering sounds were all I could here. I opened my eyes and there was a guy selling tea near me.

I'm gonna make this my life's mission: Asif Dash - In pursuit of the flying goats. P.S. I later on inquired about the goats to the colleagues who were in chasing it in the dream. They recommend me to sleep again and find it out myself.

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