Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beyond Infinity

I stretch out my arms and it's pitch black,
A fog, a mist, is all I could feel.
I keep consoling myself, "she is still there",
But it's just as empty I feel my heart.

Sucking in every ounce of air I prepare to scream,
My lungs are full yet words don't reach my tongue.
The air inhaled is all that passes out.
I suck in again not tired of the result, and again I fail.

Is she just the mist, or is it just an illusion.
It wasn't time for play, I ached within.
It wasn't fair as it just was a needle.
A prick couldn't have let her down.

A disease they say that made her rest,
For I know that a sword too would have fallen bleak.
Such strong was our bond for an infection to kill.
Why is it that she had to be the prey.

Just a needle I cry again,
Thinking of how this isn't justice.
No bargain, No truce, are these the rules.
Has he no mercy I cry till my eyes go sour.

"Jenny" I scream now, as clear as it could be.
I touch something against the darkness.
Just a second and I lose her again.
Now I run, chasing her till the end.

Its all white and better, with cream and sugar.
I see her, I hug her, I kiss her and I wonder.
I was sorry for leaving her there right when she needed me close.
I'm finally there where she is now.

Secluded enough for both to live in.
Bit seems like we both have passed way beyond it.
She then said, "you had a life there"
But a life without her is as empty as a dry well.

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