Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oscar frustration

I call myself a movie freak. But I guess I'm just fooling myself. My friends usually give me a hard time by teasing JLaw. It's not like she is the most beautiful woman in the world but just that I love her performing her roles so brilliantly. And maybe that's the reason why this year's Oscars didn't catch my attention a lot. Because she wasn't there in any of the nominations.

Yet, Linklater is one of my favourite directors and him not winning what he deserved made me sad. Seriously, who would have the patience of making a film for 12 whole years. Him not winning was just the second worst thing that happened. The worst thing was ,The Lego Movie not being nominated. Seriously, the committee must be shuffled.

And then the Indian cinemas. What's wrong with you guys. Start making films that would at least make a mark in the domestic market. And the audience, well, there is no use cursing you guys.

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