Sunday, March 15, 2015

When the walls come down

There are very few things that matter a lot to all of us. Let it be a 10 rupee note or someone that we care about a lot, these things never leave our lives no matter what. But circumstances give us with a hard test in which leaving that one thing behind is the only choice. That's exactly when the wall comes down. That moment makes us feel so naked despite the fact that we are covered with layers of protection. Maybe that's how this world works. Leave something behind and move forward in search of something that is similar to it.

I faced something similar to the situation mentioned and something tells me that I had the option of not leaving it behind. Thinking it over and over again, I'm pretty exhausted now. It mattered a lot to me. In fact it was the one thing that made me human and now I've lost that too. It makes me curse myself and constantly creates an ache in my heart saying that 'you deserve this.'

I'm here to say that, if you face a similar situation where you feel that leaving behind it is something you must do, think twice. It may be the single biggest mistake you are making in your life. It may ruin you all together. There is always an option and make sure that you take the right one. Because no matter what, going back and rewriting the wrongs you have done is impossible.

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