Sunday, March 1, 2015

A New Haircut

Little things matter a lot more in our lives. Like, having a hot cup of tea at 12 in the night and have a sip of coke after eating a whole tandoori. The list also includes having a decent haircut after a month. When I was little my mother would give me 15 rupees early in the morning on a bright Sunday. I would just love waving my hand and running towards the barber shop down the hill. The charge then was 12 rupees.

It would take 10 minutes and I could feel myself turning into a whole new kid then. I would buy myself a couple of chocolates and then return with a wide smile. It used to be that good. The same feeling returns to me when I go visit a barber shop here in the city. The only difference is, I'm charged 80 now.

It makes me feel like a child nowadays. A feeling I usually get once a month. It brings in some odd peace and for a minute or two I could almost taste the chocolates I used to buy then.

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