Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mistakes, Lessons and the other Lessons.

The hard part is now over. Well, a part of the hard part is over. I've been dreaming a lot about my past. My childhood days, where I usually get beaten up not by people of my same age but my mother. Wow, even thinking of it hurts. As you browse through my earlier blogs, you would find that my mother really went to great extent when I had to be taught a lesson. The egg story, was a jaw dropper for many. And now that I have been remembering few things, I also recall the lessons I actually learnt from them.

For example lets take the egg story:

For people who are new to this, this is how the incident took place.

1) Mom asks me to buy a dozen eggs and return home.

2) On the way I accidentally crack an egg.

3) She gets furious and breaks all eggs right beside my feet (inside the house) and asks me to clean the entire thing.

FYI: Egg stench is almost impossible to remove.

So, that was the story. The lesson intended to learn was to never break eggs. The logical lesson that implied her actions was to avoid accidents. For the love of God, they are called 'accidents' for a purpose. If it's meant to happen it is going to happen.

What did I actually learnt? All I learnt was to replace the broken egg with others. And when someone asks me to buy eggs, hold eggs and such delicate stuff, I plainly just ignore it.

I just wish to be a parent that actually doesn't do such stupid stuff. Besides, eggs are damn pricey these days.

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