Saturday, May 16, 2015

A story -1

A reflection:

The little girl in the mirror stares deep into her own eyes.
Just watery, not tears though.
A pink comb with its needles apart from one another.
She slowly brushes it from its roots to the tails.
Soft and slow strides.

Her pretty eyes are all she stares at.
She justifies her beauty by pulling back her hair to a bun behind.
She drops it down again.
Something seems to trouble her thoughts.
Something deep into her heart.

I just keep watching her from a distance.
A bit far away from her such that nothing suspicious is given away.
I keep admiring her despite what my heart says.
My legs are in no more under the spells of my head.
Neither are the eyes.

She shifts, she turns and looks at me.
Must be my breadth that would have given my seclusion.
She stares for a moment, no horror and no distractions and then she smiles.
All just the reflection from from the mirror.
I fear, to take that single step.
The single step that would reveal her face apart from the reflection.
Another smile and my reason eases and the ache to see her true self spikes.

I take the step.
I walk a few inches further, making sure I don't disrupt the peace.
I finally see her, she isn't the one in the reflection.
I fall short of words. I fall short of breadth.
I finally fall short of my senses and keep looking her into her eyes.

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