Thursday, May 7, 2015

Testing Patience

What are family outings usually for?

Well, people do enjoy some quality time when spent with family. People lose track of time and wish it continues for a very long period. People also regret not being with them very often. People also make changes in their life style to be in a constant touch with their family after it.

Me emphasizing on the word people means just one thing. I'm not one of them. I've always been an alien and I continue to be so. But my latest trip to the Pulicat Lake was an eye opener. I took this chance to test my patience. Now that there are other significant aspects other than just family, I had to make sure the period I could survive without reverting back to that aspect. Honestly, my patience died right after my phone charger drained. So it's safe to assume that without the required connection I wouldn't survive a minute. The mental stress I felt right after 0% was just plain killing me.

On the other hand, family made me survive the stress. Brothers keeping me distracted, the elders nagging around, it stress did take a diffrent turn. But I did want myself to go back to who I was.

So, the part before my phone died was magical. It seemed like I had everything I wanted in my life to survive. The boat to the island and the pics that made me seem pretty human was intriguing. I also realized that I'm pretty good at taking pics. The lunch at the island was perfect, despite the fact that the sun was blazing. The clean beach, with not much human surroundings, that was just perfect. The saline content was the highest I've ever come across. I practically floated. Not having another set of clothes to wear didn't stop me from jumping into the water. So was it for my cousins. Neck deep in water and we wanted more of it. It really was the time when all sorrows were forgotten and all that mattered was not to drown to death.

I just wish that my phone never drains out of power the next time something like this comes up. Never would I have even thought that a simple 'oiii' would satisfy all my needs.

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