Thursday, May 7, 2015

OK Kanmani - Dash Reviews

Before Sunset - This was something that made me rethink what romance was all about. It was just the gestures that you showed to prove what the significant half meant to you. We just had to fill in the obvious after the end of that great walk.

OK Kanmani - This was something much more intense. 15 years after alaypayudhey, that was considered to be the best ever romantic movie ever made in kollywood had an actual rival. OK kanmani blew the minds of many who thought that the demise of Mani Rathnam's strong filmatic essence was evident.

There are very few films that could actually create a change within the trend and denying the fact that alaypayudhey achieved it is stupidity. With this movie, the trend is all set to go into a new frenzy.

Even the dullest of Mani Rathnam never actually took a dip in its direction. With oK kanmani, he just raised the bar. Excellent direction, with just the right amount of emotions. The casting couldn't have been better. The music like said is sensational. And most of all the editing, nothing like I've ever seen before in a Tamil movie. Every second of the film was essential and the editor did make it so.

The story - the never was one and that's what made me compare it with Before Sunset. This movie proved to be a highly satisfying script. And it has made writers realize that a bad guy, a joker and a pawn aren't always necessary to make something this magical.

Mani Rathnam brings out the best talents of an artist. A side that even they thought was never present within them. The performance by both leads were exemplary. Showing the right amount of passion and not exceeding it emotionally was a great plus.

A physical hero, a mental villain, an example for the truth and the end that people love - This is now the best romantic movie ever.

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