Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Thoughts are something that has a very peculiar behavior. It sometimes boosts us to levels we never thought it existed or at times it makes us realize us of what fools we really are. It sometimes gives us a reason to think of our future and smile, to jump our hearts out and even sometimes cry with a feeling of great pleasure within. But there are considerably equal times when you feel like your whole life has gone down the drain. In worst cases it makes us think of killing ourselves. This thing has such great power over us.

So, is there a remedy to this? Is there anything at all that could drive us away from such horrid thoughts? Well, there is. Think of the people you care for the most in this world. More than you could possibly care about you. This has worked for me in various conditions. Even at the worst ones. I think of that faint smile my mother gives me when she is proud of her son, and poof.... Everything disappears.

I'm just here to say that there will be times when these thoughts haunt you so bad that even the most beautiful memories would not dissolve it. It breaks you apart, makes your eyes swollen with tears and finally it starts eating you alive. And I'm still in search for a solution to that.

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