Saturday, September 20, 2014

5 Things I Leaned From Godfather

Godfather is a classical hit released in 1972. According to me this film comes under the "must watch" category. It's not just because Al Pacino performed a brilliant piece but also for the values it teaches a human being. I normally see the good in a film and this film had some unique lessons. The top 5 that I loved the most are as follows.

5: Shedding Blood isn't always the way to solve a problem.

It's plainly the third law of Newton, you take blood and someone takes it from you. There is nothing in this world that has an everlasting life, everything comes to an end, but what matters is how long you live, how long you serve to make a difference and this film has definitely taught me that particular thing. Not that I wanted to kill someone, but a lesson like this once in a while always keeps you from that thought.

4: If there us one thing history has taught us, it's that anyone can be killed.

Let's not get worked up on this idea. I actually included this to remind people that they may the one standing at the gun point. So, fear death, it may reduce your mistakes drastically. I know that I mentioned 'killing' is something I wouldn't go for, but you dare hurt someone close to me and the repercussions would be something you would regret.

3: Faith protects you. You lose it, you die.

Not to be cocky, but it would be better if all followed this. At the end of the film the one thing I realized is that bad faith is what killed many. People believe in others for a reason and when one breaks it, it just doesn't dissolves, it kills. Though not by the person you just broke with but by you own heart.

2: Keep your friends close, but you enemies closer.

When it's too late to make amends, this is exactly one must follow. Hell yeah, you may not be the bad guy but you definitely have to keep the enemy close. Maybe for good, maybe for bad, things always may go rough.

1: Family comes first.

No matter what you family does, it definitely is the one thing you must always adhere to. This is not just a point I learn from the film, this is something I experienced. Family comes first because there is always a Godfather watching over you, protecting you, caring for you and will definitely kill for you at times needed.

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