Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Egg Story

Every parents have their way when it comes to disciplining their children. Some parents advice, some beat and some just ignore. Well, my mom had different methods and this story is based on one such method.

People close to me, especially relatives, have a good knowledge about me, and very few know the reason behind my 'egg-phobia.' (Just the raw ones, I love the fried ones). Yeah, I'm afraid of raw eggs. I can handle them, but a part of me shivers when I have them in hand.

To the story, long long ago, I guess I was in the 5th grade or 4th, I don't really remember when. So, my mom sends me to buy a dozen eggs and I OBEDIENTLY (Because that's how I was when I was a kid) walked down to the store and bought her the eggs.

Now people who have bought eggs may know that at some point in his/her life, an egg may break while bringing it back home. So the egg broke, big deal. A scolding, or at the most a beating would have sufficed.

Before saying what my mom did, I would like to confess that no matter what, I love my mom, like more than anything in this world.

Unlike the image, i just broke a single egg. Back to the ending. My mom noticed the single egg that broke, after which she took the remaining eggs one by one and broke it. Inside the house. Next room to the kitchen. Right in front of my eyes. (Eggs were cheaper then, 12 rupees a dozen I think). That wasn't the end, she made me clean it. People who haven't cleaned egg from a cemented floor before, believe me when I say this, writing exams are easier.

It nearly took me 3 hours to clean it and still the stench never seemed to reduce, after which I had to use washing powder to cover up the smell. But it just made it worse.

So finally, after a struggle of nearly 4 hours, I was exhausted. The floor was clean but a faint smell of the eggs still remained.

This story has been more of an amusement than a tragedy and honestly this is one effective method to discipline a kid, if you don't want him/her to ever touch an egg again.

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