Sunday, September 7, 2014

House of Colors

All i wanted this weekend was a good night sleep for the entire 24 hours within the privacy of my room. But the universe had a different opinion. Universe - "let's put this lad under a roof where screams and cries never come to an end". And here I am at my cousins house fighting for a moments shut eye.

Khichidi and Pudina ka chutney was served at breakfast accompanied with the sweet sound of my ...... ( I don't exactly know the relationship I share with this kid). It seems that her sister tore a part of a calendar he held dear to him for the past five minutes. And that's what started the crying session. There were pauses in between, so that he could catch a breath and start screaming again.

Moving on to the 'calendar tearing' sister. She giggled, as he cried at the top of his voice. That's what he was doing now - screaming not crying. Her giggles aggravated his temper and a war begun.

The only peaceful time I had was the small breaks one gave to recollect their energy, only to start again even mightily. My mind failed to comprehend the taste of whatever I was eating.

This may just be the beginning. I would rather call it the house of sounds.

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