Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Origin of DASH - Not for the faint hearted

If i had a penny for every time someone asked me "What's with the name DASH?", i would have at least earned a hundred dollar note. That's an honest assumption, believe me it is. I've grown tired explaining it to each and every person who inquires about it. So, I've decided to put an end to all the constant badgering with this post.

It was the year 2006, i was in my eighth grade. Playing football with broken sharpeners and the secret chips consumption during classes were the best of times I experienced those days. Nitin, Raju, Abi and many such were within my friends circle. Though i wasn't close enough with many, the bond i shared with them had a meaningful source. To be honest, those guys taught me a great deal that influenced a varied change within me.

Now coming to the point. Some particular day, our section had to attend a two hour computer class. Normally theory classes were taught but the substitute teacher preferred a practical session. The task was to do anything you like and meanwhile the teacher would sit relaxed in his chair. That's the day i created my first email id. The Sign Up page asked for a User Name, and i similar to most new users typed in my name.

asif -- taken

asifahamed -- taken

syedasif -- taken

syedasifahamed -- taken

Those four suggestions alone exhausted me. The guy to my left was Nitin and to my right was, i don't remember. So, i started bugging Nitin for a suggestion, for which he accepted to help after a while. But my new found curiosity over this kept me interrupting him without break.

Another piece of information readers here must know here is that, foul language was forbidden within the campus and certain words were substituted in order to, you know, just scold. One famous word that usually filled in that void was DASH. Many would have guessed it by now, but yet i'm gonna finish this post.

So, the nagging part. My constant irritation bothered him and some creative instinct of his came up with ASIF DASH. Yea, he actually used those exact words to scold me. The ring it gave sounded good to me and ever since Dash stuck on to me as my last name. And hence the origin.

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