Monday, September 8, 2014

Brotherhood, Sisterhood - It's FAMILY-HOOD

Being the only son never really bothered me much. I had my share of brothers and sisters in the form of cousins. In fact, the share I received was more than what I deserved or even expected. Imagine a dozen (in my case 10 siblings). That's how many were born to my grand father, not a dozen but 10 and later on imagine the children these ten have. I haven't actually counted, but my guess would be roughly around 20. That's the number of brothers and sisters I have.

The love I received from each is paramount. Encouraging me at every step and guiding me through the right path are just a few of what they have done for me. Nothing actually matters when I have them around. A sense of completion is what I actually feel.

Moving on to the fun part. Cricket has special place in our hearts and heads. Being a lot, we never had to bring in other neighbors while playing in the backyard. The age group within us varied but the teams were usually unequally split. Elders on one end and the Youngs on the other. ( Not the best of brothers). Luckily the one player who plays the best, always stuck to us. The fact that he is the youngest of all who played may be surprising to many, but the fact is, he really was the best. We bowled and as per the 'backyard cricket rules' - the best bowled the first over, same applies for batting. I was at a corner supposed to be fielding. The first ball, youngest to the eldest. Clean bowled. The stumps came apart.

That's how good he was with the ball. Moving on to the second eldest(The second batsman). Youngest to the second eldest. Stumps fell again. That was shocker, as the batsman was his own brother. Before moving to the third batsman, introducing the wicket keeper of our team is a must. Currently pursuing dentistry, AZAR (The only cousin's name I'm using today) is a year elder to me. A very enthusiastic guy, even today.

So,the third batsman was on the crease and the youngest ready to bowl. The ball roared,missed the bat, towards the stumps and then came his savior. Azar , our own wicket keeper caught the ball even before it hit the stumps. That wasn't actually the funny part, the funny part is when he yelled "How Is That!!!!!!????" thinking it came off the bats edge.

I'm going to laugh till my stomach aches. Couldn't type anymore.

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