Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's Talk Love

“Love is something you feel when you see a crocodile eating mangoes from a tree.” – Asif Dash

I’m not implying that the possibility is zero, but just that it is not in the negatives. People believe in many things, like superman, transformers, unicorns, kraken and sometimes even the possibility of living within the matrix. These things are more than beautiful, magnificent, and love is something similar. Love according to my dictionary goes something like this,

LOVE: noun; a feeling which has no definite expression or explanation but often searched.  
This is plainly my view, and I do hope that I’m wrong. But let’s not dwell in the definition area. To the good parts. I've been meeting interesting people my whole life, clever, not so clever, dull, boring, proud, arrogant, and so on. But very few people inspire me, no matter what category they fit into. An even interesting thing is that, these people are victims of “LOVE”.

This one guy Mr.X(Name Changed), a dear friend, was listening to a song (Ninaivugal from Autograph). Listening to a melody after a long time really was quiet good. The song ended and he played the same thing again, it wasn't that bad the second time either, then the third time. This made me realize that something was wrong and as a good friend I had to do the right thing.

To guys like me, when I mean ‘to do the right thing’ , it implies ‘Close the drapes, switch the lights off and go to sleep’, but I did the wrong thing. I asked him what’s wrong, and I slept at 2 AM that night. He rambled on about his so called ‘broken heart’ for almost 4 hours. This wasn't for the first day alone, this continued for two days. The composer of that song would have cursed himself if he were to be in my position. The repeated listening actually made him forget her and drew him more closer to itself.  Maybe now he is in love with the song.
I started this article thinking of something and I just don’t know what took me here. So, to end with a couple of notes,  
                    1)      Love is an undefined feeling frequently confused.
                    2)      Victims of love are usually like me.

*******Criticism Accepted******

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  1. First of all when you address as person as Mr.X and open a bracket after that stating 'name changed' is quite redundant.
    And secondly, what the hell are you cribbing about. I was in your position before.I don't want to bother you with the details but bro, you shouldn't be the one to complain about it.