Saturday, September 6, 2014

Life's philosophy

There comes a time when people don't understand what life really is all about. A cousin of mine resently posted a pic on a whatsapp group. It displayed an arrow mark pointing at our solar system within the milky way. This image was just the top half and bore the words, "Are you really here".

Moving on to the bottom half of the pic. It showed a woman writing something and a mountain of papers were behind her. This had the quote "to do this?".

What was I supposed to make of it? I responded with a lol and thought about it a lot. In fact, the pic kept me thinking and baffling even at 2, when all I could hear is the snoring noise of my friends.

That is when the thought stroke, I mean really stroke. What if this was just something to test my ability. Giving upon such small things just makes a person vulnerable and most importantly stupid.

This is what life gives you when you doubt it. Just keep living it and give your best at every chance you get. It's basically Newton's Third Law.

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